General Information
  • I try my best to produce and upload new works every 2 - 3 WEEKS. 
  • All of my functional ware are microwave and dishwasher safe. 
  • Please watch out and do not hit it against a wall or other objects, the most vulnerable spot of the mug is the point of connection where the handle meets the body of the ware. 
  • All objects were handmade and designed by David T. Kim, a human being so not every piece is perfect and there will be slight differences between each piece. 
  • Please see item details of each object for the exact H x L x W and volume of liquid it can hold.

Shipping Information

  • I ship through USPS and usually leaves my studio aproximately 1-3 days after ordering.

Large Orders

  • I am available for contact thru email: DtkCeramics@gmail.com
  • Prices can be negotiated for large orders
  • I can meet in the Chicago area and bring samples of my work 
  • Large Orders take longer to make, Please be patient.